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Ingenieursbureau Bieware is a company that is broadly focused on the development of information systems. Much attention is paid to the software development process. This forms the basis for the successful completion of a project. Our experience and the way we work make it possible to carry out projects within budget, on time and with sufficient quality to meet the expectations of the client.


The projects we carry out are diverse. Diverse in what is conducted and also diverse as to the role we play in a project. Projects are carried out entirely by ourselves or in a team with our client. The role we play depends on the project and sometimes on the phase of the project. For example, we worked as a consultant, project manager, team leader, coach, trainer or programmer.

The software we developed, finds its application in various fields. We develop both front- and back-end applications. We also carry out projects in technical automation. Some applications are designed for 24x7 availability. Detailed information on a number of projects we carried out can be found on the project page.


If this short introduction to Ingenieursbureau Bieware appeals to you, check out our proposition. Or contact us.